Solar Leads

Solar Leads

Solar leads DirectSolar Leads for Residential and Business Solar Installation

For solar energy installers looking to expand, we can help you find new customers and grow your business at an effective ROI. We know how much time and effort it takes marketing to the end consumer – supplement your own internal efforts or save yourself the effort entirely by working with We work 24/7 to ensure that you are getting a consistent supply of high quality solar leads in your service areas, saving you time to focus on other key aspects of your business. Our proprietary targeting and filtering algorithms manage real-time sales leads from a wide variety of channels to deliver you highly targeted potential customers.

Quality: Strict standards, rigorous lead qualification practices and customized filters.

Flexibility: Contracts structured to fit our partners’ specific needs and concerns.

Client Service: 24/7 availability to respond to our partners’ needs.

Partnership: A competitive cost structure that we pass on to our partners through lower prices.

Engagement: Real-time lead notifications to improve the customer conversion process.

Commitment: Best-in-class lead return terms. We Reduce Our Solar Partners’ Customer Acquisition Costs.

Consumer Traffic: Our portfolio of websites and partnerships educate consumers across the U.S. about solar energy and energy efficiency. Our organic search engine optimization capabilities, extensive keyword libraries and our national presence enable us to rank higher in search results, which allows us to reach more consumers than our partners can independently.

Working with Solar Leads from BrokerMatch

Analytical Expertise: We employ leading-edge online marketing and data analysis strategies to ensure effective ROI for our partners. We focus our efforts on the most cost-effective channels and techniques. As a result, we can pass on the cost savings to our partners.

Reduced complexity: We are specialists in the complex field of customer acquisition and online marketing so our partners do not have to be. We complement and support our partners’ marketing efforts enabling a greater reach and customer flow at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house resources.

More time for what matters: With our prospecting services, our partners can focus their sales resources on deeper customer interaction and conversion. Our partners spend less time finding customers and more time making sales requirements. Their sales teams receive leads from us in real time and focus on turning those leads into revenues for their businesses.

Predictable costs: Our partners establish clear budgets for our lead services, often allocated to specific geographic regions and we diligently deliver to targets. Partners requiring our customer data management platform find our program incredibly affordable and easy to work with.
Residential Solar Leads: Our residential agreements are structured on a pay per lead basis for real-time leads that meet pre-defined filtering criteria.

Commercial Solar Leads: Our commercial agreements are based on a revenue share for completed installations.

Lead Management Platform: Our software can be rapidly implemented and adjusted to allow your company to easily source, process and deliver leads to your partners. We offer different tiers of service based on lead volume.